Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Favourite Baseball Player

I've decided that my favourite player among the current roster of Major League Baseball teams right now is the New York Yankees' Derek Jeter. Not only is he excellent as both an infielder and at the plate, but he's the consummate professional every time I've watched him. When things go wrong, he's got the same look on his face as when they're going well. I've never seen him showboat, mock an opposing player, or even get particularly animated over a close call. And yet you only have to watch him once or twice to realize he's totally into the game at all times. Anyone who might think he's simply indifferent or mentally counting his millions while standing on the field should review that play last season when he ran into the crowd to make the catch on a foul ball at a critical juncture, and then emerged with a big cut on his face for his troubles. I happened to be watching that game and almost jumped out of my seat when he did that.

As professional athletes continue to decline in terms of personal conduct and appropriateness as role models, Jeter stands out like a much-needed sore thumb. I'm sure there are ball players who are better technically than Jeter, and maybe even a few who are finer human beings than he is... but I can't think of anyone that's as good a combination of the two as Derek. (And I'm not even much of a Yankees fan.)

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T said...

The guy is pure class

(and seems to be dating the future -ex Mrs Turner - Jessica Biel)

I am soooo jealous.