Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You Read It Here First

When Boneman and I were talking about the Super Series-ending concussion that New York Rangers draft pick Alexei Cherepanov suffered a couple weeks ago, I inadvertantly coined a name for him that could certainly stick if this turns out to be a sign of things to come. Or I suppose it could be applied to any of his countrymen, were they to find themselves in that situation.

The name?

The Russian Concussion.

Does that sound like a label with some serious staying power, or what?

(And of course when I just now searched on those two words, I discovered the following entry in the Urban Dictionary, typos and all:

"A Russian concussion is when you splooge into someones ear while their sleeping, and tape it up. Then when they wake their equilibrium is all off quilter like they had a concussion"

where "splooge" apparently involves the usual ejaculative material of a liquid variety. You gotta wonder what the world would be like if all that creative energy were used for good.)


ShaneT said...

Wow..... it takes a lot to render me spechless. Well Done Matt.... Well Done.

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

I'm pretty sure I've never seen ShaneT without his spech before. But now I have. And it's not pretty.

mikem said...

I don't want to know. I just don't want to know.