Monday, July 30, 2007

According To Google Analytics...

... nobody visited my blog yesterday (July 29th)! Not one person! I find that hard to believe since Vicki actually left a comment on one of the posts, but that's what they're claiming on the site that tracks such things for me.

I've had low site hits before (like, 9 visits) but never ZERO!

Was it the photo of the boil? Did that scare everyone away?

[Update: Now it's saying 25 visitors on July 29th, which is more normal. It must've been having trouble communicating with the Mother Ship when I checked earlier.]

1 comment:

cjg said...

Do you know if it can detect RSS feed users? I have been tending to using Google Reader or the work aggregator to read your site. If you need a "boost" I can visit directly. Especially if it keeps the boils away - that looks unpleasant.