Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Admire The Honesty, At Least

For those who, like me, found this past season of 24 somewhat... sub-optimal?... please take a moment and enjoy these comments about the producers of the TV show at Comic-Con International last weekend (semi-spoilerish for next season):

"They came in and said they could only say three things about the coming season:

1) It’s set in D.C. rather than L.A.,
2) CTU no longer exists, and
3) Jack starts the season being questioned by a senate subcommittee for something he’s done … or maybe everything he’s ever done?

They also acknowledged that this past season wasn’t up to par with previous ones."

At least that last line's something, for those of us who suffered through all 24 hours!

1 comment:

boneman8 said...

Hopefully they won't have yet ANOTHER traitor in the White House, or some twit on a power trip (ala President Logan, or Vice President Noah whats-his-face).

Maybe Jack, during questioning, will lose it and cut down the entire Senate!