Monday, July 23, 2007

Silver Age Comic Trivia XVIII

We all know that, in the TV show Get Smart, Maxwell Smart was Agent 86, and his lovely partner - played by Barbara Feldon - was Agent 99. In that same vein, Jimmy Olsen had a secret agent number. What was it?

Yesterday's Answer: In something of a trick question - asked at the Chicago Trivia Panel several years ago - the person who made her debut with the words, "The little lady has a name, Flash" was not in any way related to DC's Fastest Man Alive (as you might reasonably expect)! Instead, it was one of my favourite characters in the Marvel Universe, Miss Gwen Stacy, speaking to Peter Parker's longtime high school nemesis, Flash Thompson! (Anyone who's picked up on the fact that I've been strictly alternating between DC and Marvel questions each day would've realized that, of course!)

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