Monday, July 30, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

One of my favourite interviewers, in my younger years, was Tom Snyder. He had a knack for asking the sort of questions I thought I'd ask if I were in his chair, and for having conversations with his guests, rather than just seeming to read his prompts off of cuecards. And since his original Tomorrow Show aired at 1:00 am when I was a teenager, and I frequently had insomnia even at that age, it was a match made in Sleepless Heaven!

Vicki discovered Snyder at the same time I re-discovered him: when David Letterman brought him to CBS to host the Late Late Show in the 90s. Tom had mellowed a bit by then, and didn't have quite the same bite to his interview style that I'd grown up with. But it was still the best one-on-one show on the air at the time as most programs of that type were really just thinly-disguised promo pieces for books, TV shows or movies.

Today I read that Tom Snyder is dead, at 71. He died of leukemia, and because of that, I suspect his last couple years weren't terribly pleasant. That makes me a little sad, as he'd brought a lot of laughter into my life over the past thirty years.

Rest in peace, Tom Snyder.

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