Thursday, July 05, 2007

Only PG-13? Must Try Harder!

This site purports to determine what sort of rating your blog would have, based on content. I think the fact that the worst offenders found were:

The fact that apparently this evaluation was most influenced by 3 occurrences of "crap", 4 references to "death" (and 2 to "dead") and "hurt (1x)" makes me question its veracity.

And of course, my use of "purports" and "veracity" above probably means that any borderline-illiterate reader is now left to ponder exactly where I stand on the rating system employed... hmmmm, that's actually more interesting than the PG-13 rating, now that I think about it!


Peter J. said...

I'm sure it'll surprise you not a whit that Petroglyphs gets a "G" rating. Gosh-darn frakking crud!

According to this site which calculates Flesch-Kincaid scores, the front page of my blog (sans sidebar) can be understood by a person who's passed Grade 12, and it's about middle-of-the-road for readability with 43 (where 100 is understandable by a fifth grader and Time magazine scores about 52).

cjg said...

I too checked mine out and scored "G". I just don't curse in my blog the way I think... I mean *write* the way I curse... uh, yah. Anyway that readability site is interesting. I'd like to try and lower my scores a bit (scoring between 64 and 54) but I guess being more readable is more accessible. I don't want the bit-miners of the future to require a degree in Ye Middle-Age-English just to ogle my wisdom. Or something. Anyway, neat link!