Thursday, July 19, 2007

Silver Age Comic Trivia XIV

Barry Allen married Iris West without telling her that he was the Flash, but eventually broke the news to her - a year later! She'd actually figured it out on their wedding night, though... how?

(And yes, feel free to insert your favourite Fastest Man Between the Sheets jokes here!)

Yesterday's Answer: Bull Brogin, "Handsome" Harry Phillips and Yogi Dakor were recruited by Dr Doom as the Terrible Trio who could take down the Reed Richard-less Fantastic Four after a disagreement about leadership had prompted Mr Fantastic to (temporarily) abandon the others. Each of the three crooks had their natural abilities augmented by Doom, such that rough-houser Brogin could take on the Thing, Phillips' good looks could potentially woo Sue Storm into a trap, and Dakor's imperviousness to flame would allow him to defeat the Human Torch.


tim said...

Sorry about not asking Silver age questions. I have not read an old comic in probably 20 years.

But I do have a general question that may or may not be trivial. The start of the silver age is Showcase #4 *I think*. what is generally considered the end?

Last Lee/Kirby FF?

I think that generally there is really no one here who could answer them without cheating.

Tim said...

nix the last sentence and replace it with 'I don't think there is anyone reading your Blog who has the silver age background to answer the questions without cheating. I know I don't.'

But, please keep them going. Very entertaining.

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

There's always lots of debate about when the exact start and end of the Silver Age were, since it's the sort of thing you can only do in retrospect (it's not like anyone was even calling it the Silver Age at the time). However, for the purposes of our Silver Age Trivia Panel, one person (Comic Buyers Guide columnist Craig Shutt) sets the rules, and he defines the range as being exactly what you said: Showcase # 4 (1st Barry Allen Flash) through Fantastic Four # 101, the last Lee/Kirby issue.

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

As far as expecting people to answer the questions I post here, that's not really the point of it (although answers, even wild guesses, are always welcome). My reason for doing this was to encourage me to be studying in the 5 weeks of vacation leading up to the Trivia Panel, and having to come up questions (and their answers) is a good way to do that. It forces me to think of questions that might get asked, and then ensure I know the answer (usually by thinking about it first, and then researching to make sure I've got the right answer).

So far it's been helping, as it's taken my mind in some interesting directions (leading to research in areas I might not have done otherwise).

As far as someone else asking me questions, all I meant with that remark was that, if someone wanted to look up some obscure fact and then quiz me on it, that'd be cool. Suppose you got looking at old Avengers covers, for example, and that triggered a bit of trivia... lay it on me! That's all.