Thursday, July 19, 2007

What I Did Today (July 19th, 2007 Edition)

Well, after being awake for a good part of the night (I was overdue for a bout of insomnia) I lustily slept in until nearly 11:00 this morning! We didn't get the rain that was forecast but it was overcast for most of the day, so I didn't even bother uncovering the pool (removing the solar blanket) or turning on the pump.

It was a good day for reading Silver Surfers, though, as I went through almost all of the remaining issues. Amazingly, I think there are issues in that run that I've literally only read once before, which is quite an oddity for comics from that period, especially when you consider that # 2 had been read by me so many times that the cover had come loose! I only have a few left to go, and I'll finish those up tomorrow as well as figuring out what stack to bring up next.

Somewhere in the late afternoon I found a couple hours to play some more Marvel Ultimate Alliance and mostly just made Spider-Man more powerful (Cap, Thor, Storm and Wolverine are already maxed out in terms of discretionary spending). I've decided that our core team should be those five plus maybe one or two others, but haven't figured out yet who'd be coolest to finish out the group. Maybe Ghost Rider? Silver Surfer? Iron Man? It's too bad they don't have the Squadron Supreme members as unlockables, because then I could create my own pseudo Marvel/DC crossover! As it is, some members of the Imperial Guard appear as villains in the game, and they're of course copies of the 1970s version of the Legion of Super-Heroes (so another pseudo DC group in the Marvel Universe).

I also spent way too much time writing my blog post about Favourite TV Shows but it was such fun that I don't regret it at all! Strangely, there've been exactly zero comments on that one so far, where I expected to get a firestorm of responses. Is everyone otherwise-engaged tonight?

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