Sunday, July 29, 2007

Silver Age Comic Trivia XXIV

In what comic series did the Justice Society of America make their first Silver Age appearance?

Yesterday's Answer: As every school kid knows, the first new Avenger to join after the team was formed in Avengers # 1 was Captain America. Cap was thawed out of the ice, in which he'd floated for twenty years since the final days of World War II, in Avengers # 4. His time thus spent in suspended animation allowed him to remain a twenty-something hero in the 1960s despite having fought in WWII, and presented opportunities aplenty for Stan Lee (and others after him) to tell "fish out of water" storylines in which the wild and crazy culture of the Sixties was played off against the sensibilities of the "old war horse."


Vicki said...

Brave and the Bold
and yes it is just sad how many of these I don't know.

How about Batman and Detective Letter's pages and of course Superman, Action and Superboy?

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

Batman = Letters to the Batcave

Detective = Batman's Hotline

Action & Superman both used Metropolis Mailbag, while Superboy had his letters sent to the Smallville Mailsack.