Monday, July 30, 2007

Silver Age Comic Trivia XXV

Whose first published words were, "Bah! Everywhere it is the same! I live in a world too small for me!"?

Yesterday's Answer: The first Silver Age appearance of the Justice Society of America (not to be confused with the Justice League of America, as Vicki apparently did) came in the pages of the Flash comic book. Earth-2, the Silver Age invention which allowed the Golden Age DC heroes to exist without cramping the style of their successors, was introduced in Flash # 123, where we saw that the original Scarlet Speedster, Jay Garrick, was still around, albeit in retirement. Before long, Jay made a return appearance (Flash # 129) and then brought his old gang out of mothballs (Flash # 137), setting up the first historic meeting of the JLA and JSA (JLA # 21 & 22).

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