Friday, July 20, 2007

Silver Age Comic Trivia XV

What was the name of the alien race that the Silver Surfer encountered as they invisibly spied on Earth, preparing to launch an invasion here?

Yesterday's Answer: In a situation that fans still shake their heads over, Barry Allen married longtime sweetheart Iris West without telling her that he was also the Flash! Talk about building a marriage on a shaky foundation! He delayed telling her because he was concerned about whether they'd be able to have children or not - what with his changed physiology - and wanted to be able to provide the answer at the same time that he revealed the big secret (some might argue that would've been cause for delaying the wedding!). At any rate, unbeknownst to Barry, he had a tendency to talk in his sleep, and so Iris put it all together on their wedding night, as he mumbled things like, "Must eventually tell Iris I'm the Flash" and "You won't get away this time, Captain Cold!" (OK, I made those up. But you get the general idea.)

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