Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Sad State Of DC Comics Editorial

I've written a few posts over the past few months about how it appears as though DC Comics are being edited by monkeys these days, and I don't say such things easily or maliciously. I'm a bigtime, and longtime, fan of DC, and would love to see them kicking Marvel's ass - especially right now - in terms of sales and quality comics. But they've just made so many poor decisions lately that I'm losing confidence in them almost weekly.

I've naturally been following all of the Comic-Con International panel reports coming out of San Diego, and the DC ones are just laughable. When the DC representatives aren't mocking the fans who ask questions or simply ignoring the gist of the queries, they're demonstrating the shockingly poor level of editorial competence at work within their walls recently. From Newsarama:

"A fan asked Dini about Trickster and Piper's role in Flash's death, and why they thought they were innocent in the murder, since it appears that they are helping in beating Bart Allen to death in Flash #13, Dini said that if that was indeed the case, it was a result of miscommunication between the writers."

It's things like that make me wonder if anyone's actually steering that ship anymore. Something as significant as the death of the Flash and it's left up to chance as to whether they get the details right. Isn't that exactly the sort of thing you hire an editor to help with? As someone put it so well awhile back, DC cranks out comics that make no sense or contradict each other, and then they attempt to provide explanations or corrections via comments made during interviews! Is that really any way to run a comic company? It's nice that Executive Editor Dan DiDio can laugh at himself - as in this photo from the Con - but is anything actually being done about the situation? Because DC's on the verge of becoming a laughing stock, which doesn't sit well with this fan at all!

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