Monday, December 15, 2008

How To Hype A Bad Movie

Tonight, while Vicki and I were fast-forwarding through commercials on a program that we'd recorded earlier, I saw something unexpected and had to rewind to check it out at normal speed. Yep, that really was what I had thought I'd seen: at the end of the latest trailer for The Day The Earth Stood Still (the reportedly rather lousy remake of a classic SF movie) came a blurb indicating that you could catch the world premiere of a teaser for X-Men Origins: Wolverine there. I think there's a fair amount of interest in Logan's first solo movie - certainly he's one of the most popular comic book characters now, and for the past 20+ years - so why not pull fanboys into the theatre with a coy little move like that? I guess there's no reason not to, as it turns out...

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