Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hugh Jackman Hosting The Oscars? Didn't See That One Coming!

Breaking with recent tradition (having stand-up comics do the honours), 2009's Oscars will have Wolverine himself as the face of the show. I have to admit that my first thought when I heard the news was, "Wow, it really is a big year for comic books!" That's because Jackman will always be Wolverine to me, and the fact that he's currently making a solo film starring the mutant Canadian simply reinforces that view. In fact, some of us are inclined to call that very entertaining movie that pit Christian Bale against Jackman as a pair of competing stage musicians "Batman Vs Wolverine" when we can't think of its real name (The Prestige). And sometimes, even when we can!

Given that, it'd be particularly funny if The Dark Knight were to garner a Best Movie nomination this year; but based on how the Golden Globe finalists have gone, that's a pretty long shot.

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