Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Update

We finally did the present opening this morning. Vicki and I de-bagged a couple packages from each other while Tammy was still sleeping (it was 11:00 am, after all!) and then the three of us did the rest of the gifts once Tammy was up. I got some great items off my wishlist items (HL2: Episode 1, bike helmet, couple good books including Gaiman's Anansi Boys) but Vicki came up a little light on one important category: I only received one comic, and it was what's known in our household as an upgrade, meaning a better condition copy of something I already have. That's probably the smallest comic haul I've ever gotten for Christmas, but then again, it was an unusual holiday all around! We did get quite a few DVDs between us, with my gifts including Band of Brothers, An Inconvenient Truth and Syriana, among others.

As I type this I still haven't come down with the stomach flu that laid the women low. Vicki's still not 100%, by the way, making it about a 2 - 3 day effect as far as I can tell.

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