Friday, December 15, 2006

It's My Party And I Can Skip It If I Want To

Tonight is my company's Christm... my company's Holid... my company's Festive Party?! Whatever they choose to call it in recognition of political correctness (I'm an Atheist and I couldn't care less what it's called), it's tonight but I won't be there. I chose not to attend this year, after not really enjoying last year's version. The preparations were done very well, so I mean no slight to the organizers who always do a top-notch job of it. I suspect the food was good, too, although it's wasted on me because my taste buds apparently come from some alternate universe where things just don't taste the same as they do here. What decided me against going to the 2006 Party was the number of people who simply got stupider and stupider as the night progressed this time last year. People who think parties with lots of drinking are fun really need to attend a few of them sober. I used to find them funny, or at least entertaining; now I just get bored.

So instead, Vicki and I are going out for dinner tonight with a co-worker and his wife - who are obviously also opting out of the company shindig - for a much quieter evening filled with interesting conversation. Which I'm sure sounds every bit as boring to some, as the notion of watching drunks stumble around and laugh at their own jokes, does to me. But I expect to have a much better time this year!

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Peter J. said...

Doesn't sound boring at all... think I'll be reverting to that myself in future years, sans the bit about being around people. (Which is no slight on dinner companions this evening, all of whom were great. There was nothing really *bad*, although I will say that when the band---which was probably mistakenly named after a snake instead of a dance style---"slowed things down" after opening with an already-mellow version of "Margaritaville" I knew things were going to go downhill.)