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Friday, December 29, 2006

Pretty Cool!

I've now set up the PS/3, including downloading the latest service update, and played a minute or two of Resistance: Fall of Man. I confirmed that there really is a 2-person Coop Mode for it. It put the 2 screens up top and bottom, which is bad when you have a widescreen TV, but that may be because I'm in SD mode (rather than HD) right now as I don't have the Component cable I need to run in HD yet.

Using the browser capability, I was actually able to surf to this very page! I've bookmarked it, so that maybe Vicki will find she reads my blog more often if she can do it right on the TV.

So far, so cool!


Jimmy said...

Congrats on finally getting the system. Hope you have as much fun using it as you did anticipating the arrival...

(I can't wait to get my Wii...)

Anonymous said...

Just curious...when using the browser, does a keyboard screen popup? That's what I have for the PSP...and figured they would be using something very similar for the PS/3.

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

Yes, you have access to a virtual keyboard for typing in URLs. Obviously it's slow going, and I've found that it's best to follow links and bookmark that way, as it's a lot less work!