Saturday, December 09, 2006

Let's Play: Guess Your Raise!

If you're currently employed and expecting some sort of year-end raise going into 2007 but haven't been told what it is, now's the time to say what you think your raise will be. Stick to just a % increase, as we don't want anyone giving away salary information here. And of course there's no need to ever confirm or denounce your guess after you find out the real figure. This is just an informal poll of what kind of raises people out there are aspiring to. And Nhan, if you've already spent your raise, don't be afraid to admit it!

Of course, participation is voluntary and this is all intended very tongue-in-cheek! Lying is also entirely appropriate!!

Me, I'm guessing I'll get a 5% raise. I don't why I think that, but I do. I don't even know what the industry average is, or whether 5% is a good, bad, or average raise for 2007. It just seems like a good number.


Nhan said...

For me, it's either 3% or 4%. I actually draft up next year budget based on those figure. Any extra will be treat as a bonus and will be tuck away in 'rainy day' fund :-)

Peter J. said...

double raise = 0.05d * Math.random() + new PE();

Barry said...

double raise = Math.floor(2.5);

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

And what's a 'double raise'?

Jimmy said...

Kimota - a variable know...programming ;)

PeterJ trust me:

double newPE()
return 0.0d;

Peter J. said...

jimmy: yeah, that's about what I thought. :) And thanks for not pointing out that a PE isn't a Double. (I was using auto-boxing, yeah, that's what it was...)

Kimota94 aka Matt said...

Programming?? Are you saying people are being programmed? We must do something to stop this!!

OK, yes, my face is red. I don't see code when I encounter the word "double" anymore. Sigh.

t said...

geekiest comments on a blog ever!

Anonymous said...

It could be something as simple as:

double get2007Raise()
throw new NullPointerException();

Peter J. said...

I'm going to revise my estimate to $126 million over 7 years.