Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Least Favourite Comic Covers Part 4

First off, how come nobody has pointed out (or possibly even noticed) that the first three covers in this series were all Spider-Man covers? What exactly am I paying you people for??

Anyway, I fully intended to use a DC cover this time around, just to break both the Spider-Man and Marvel motif, but then I stumbled across this Jack Kirby monstrosity from my teen years (1977, I believe) and had to get it off my chest!

There are so many things wrong with it, I barely know where to start. In typical Kirby fashion, the women look like they're chiseled out of stone instead of made of flesh. Then there's the bizarre notion of having them all trapped within the crimson locks of the Red Skull.. you know, the bald Red Skull! And sure, I know it's a symbolic cover, but c'mon... can you imagine a dumber image than being caught in the Red Skull's hair? The cover blurb doesn't help, either.. Cap and the Falcon "find the most sinister secret of all: the Red Skull!" which kind of blows any suspense about just what that secret might be, doesn't it? Although, going back to that strange cover image, maybe the secret turns out to be that the ol' Skull is now the newest president of the Hair Club for Men?

Anyway, if I had to classify this type of least favourite covers, it'd be stupid symbolic covers that don't make any sense, and that are poorly drawn. And Captain America # 210 is a prime example of the class!

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering why you kept poo-pooing on Spider-man covers..(unless of course they were done by Todd MacFarlane!)